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Recent Work

Kids' CBC Preschool Website
Isaac Boldt
NHLPA Players Poll
the art of re use (Modern browsers only - under reconstruction)
the art of re use - blog
Telatino Network
102.1 The Edge Indie Online
Supernova Profiles & Music Player
Supernova Interactive


I am in constant pursuit of refining and expanding my current skill set while contributing as a receptive member of your team.


  • C#, php, Python, Perl, & Java
  • HTML5, CSS3, Flash (AS2 & AS3)
  • MVC Object-Orientated JavaScript
  • AJAX, COMET, JQuery, & Prototype
  • ASP.NET & Linq/Entity, Django, Wordpress, Moveable Type, MediaWiki, & Papervision 3D
  • BlackBerry Webworks SDK, BlackBerry Air SDK, & X Tools for Mac OS X and iOS
  • MSSQL, MySQL, & SQL-Lite
  • Visual Studio, FlashBuilder, Photoshop, Illustrator, Smultron, Coda, Microsoft Word/Open Office, Outlook, ZBrush, & Maya
  • Google Maps API, Facebook Plugins/Connect, & OpenID
  • Mac OS X, Windows XP/7, Linux (Gentoo, CentOS, Ubuntu, etc.), QNX

Work experience

Developer - Kids' CBC Interactive

Feb 2012 - Present
Toronto, Ontario

I work as part of a team creating exciting interactive experiences for preschoolers using a combination of Web Technologies and the Flash platform. Our projects range from streaming video content on demand to building games and augmented reality learning experiences.

Speaker - BlackBerry Developer Conference

Oct 2011
San Francisco, California

After submitting a paper about JavaScript efficiency and resourcefulness on the mobile platform, RIM selected me to take part as one of their break-out session speakers at their Developer Conference in San Francisco, California.

Solutions Developer - Agility, Inc.

Jul 2011 - Feb 2012
Toronto, Ontario

Being part of a well-managed team meant completing websites in a very timely fashion yet with a quality to delight customers by exceeding their expectations. I worked closely with the Agility Content Manager API to rapidly build custom solutions and website packages for a variety of customers with unique requirements and content. We used C# .NET and its MVC3 framework and the latest in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript while supporting legacy browsers.

Web Developer - Supernova Interactive

Mar 2009 - May 2011
Toronto, Ontario

As the sole developer, I had a wide range of responsibilities that allowed me to grow vastly in my area of expertise. I handled the development of internal projects as well client work such as edge.supernova.com and supernova.com/rogersbattle. I was often involved with the design of the user-experience such as with the music player. I worked server-side using C#, .NET, and Linq, as well as interfaces using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Social Games Art Director and Developer - Zynga Games

Apr 2008 - Jan 2009
Toronto, Ontario

I created webpages from PSDs using standard HTML and CSS. I was responsible for ensuring that design and game engineers were in-sync for several game projects. I also acted as the lead Flash developer using ActionScript 2 & 3.

Teaching Assistant - University of Toronto

Aug 2008 - Sep 2008
Toronto, Ontario

I prepared lessons and conveyed systematic approaches to solve through puzzles such as sudoku and minesweeper, and relating those approaches to proving mathematical conjectures.

Flash Developer - Paten Publishing

Mar 2008 - Apr 2008
Toronto, Ontario

I prepared lessons and conveyed systematic approaches to solve tough puzzles, such as sudoku and minesweeper and relating those approaches to solving mathematical conjectures.

Web Designer and Developer - Metroland Media

Nov 2007 - Mar 2008
Mississauga, Ontario

I worked remotely creating a virtual online “page-flipper” magazine for kids building all the animations and scripting page-to-page functionality.


Bioinformatics and Computational Biology - University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario

I took numerous courses in Molecular Biology, Mathematics, and Computer Science. I was part of a group that met between classes to solve complex puzzles and problems with Professor Arnold Rosenbloom under whom I became a Teaching Assistant for similar workshops.

Ontario Scholar - Oakwood Collegiate Institute

Toronto, Ontario

I was a part of the school's leadership program, travelled to Austria and Czech Republic with the school's Symphony Orchestra and Senior Choir, and received the school's Technology scholarship.


I have a strong affinity for scalable, efficient code regardless of platform or language. In my spare time I enjoy playing the guitar, photography, and riding my bike.


References are available upon request.